• Muscle Recovery
  • Positive Nitrogen Balance
  • Supports Muscle Breakdown
Usage Instructions
  1. Take 1 Scoop(5g) Of Dg Series Glutamine
  2. Add in 90 ml-120 ml water or any beverage of your choice.
  3. Shake well and Consume it.
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DG SERIES Glutamine contains 5000mg of Glutamine which a powerful post-workout recovery fuel. It is designed with Ultra granulation Technology that helps in faster nutrient absorption & digestion. DG SERIES Glutamine is helpful in faster recovery, muscle growth and maintaining muscle mass. The glutamine content helps in recovery to heal and repair muscles post workout or help you recover from a tiring day. Glutamine supplement help supply 30-35% of nitrogen to muscle to synthesize proteins. This, in turn, will promote protein synthesis. Glutamine helps in overall muscle recovery post activity. It helps decrease muscle soreness through improved muscle repair. It also promotes retention of more muscles, by helping to prevent muscle breakdown. It is available in pack of 60 Servings.

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